Become a Multi-Channel Retailer with the 0260 Data Suite

First-party sales platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce allow for a highly customizable and branded buyer experience with high margins, but rely on loyal audiences or well-placed ad campaigns to maximize revenue. Third-party stores like Amazon and Facebook Marketplace offer increased discoverability and an extended pool of customers, but simultaneously increase the cost of doing business while limiting the ability to tailor the buyer experience to the brand.

In order to achieve the best of both worlds, a growing number of brands are becoming cross-channel retailers: they list their products on a large number of marketplaces while also selling directly via their first-party ecommerce website. While this can quickly increase their market share and brand loyalty, maintaining multiple storefronts is work intensive and error prone.

Not only does having multiple sales channels require updating product information in multiple places, it also creates a schism in sales data. Each platform offers their own metrics and reports: in order to get a sense of the totality of your operation, you must aggregate and analyze the data together.

0260’s Data Suite makes it easy to synchronize your product offerings across a wide variety of channels while simultaneously collating sales data. By focusing on common product traits (like name, description, and price), it becomes easy for your team to maintain a single source of truth and allowing our processes to automatically update your other storefronts. Our Reporting Tool is able to fetch data from each store, aggregate and analyze it, and send actionable insights directly to your team on a configurable cadence. Our reports will help you better understand what product images, descriptions, and names perform the best on each channel, as well as offer answers to questions you may not even think of asking!