Your Audience is Spread Out

Facebook has long been the standard bearer for online brand presence, but today’s audiences are more spread out than ever. Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have seen massive growth in the past few years, and their ability to get eyes on your products can boost your sales significantly.

More Social Channels Means More Data (and Work)

However, as your online social footprint grows, so too does the time and effort required to maintain and understand your audience. Each platform has its own dashboard and reporting methodology which makes aggregating and interpreting results challenging.

Additionally, each social network has a unique user experience; your audience will naturally be different and may engage in vastly different ways depending on the channel. If your brand approaches all social networks the same way, you risk appearing out-of-touch with the audience; on the contrary, if you try to jump on trends without analyzing your past results, you risk reducing the cohesiveness of your online brand strategy.

Maximize Social Growth with the 0260 Data Suite

0260’s Data Suite offers a unique and effective approach to these problems. Our proprietary engine uses the data each social network provides to you, aggregates and analyzes it, and provides meaningful insights delivered directly to your team on a configurable cadence. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are able to identify the time, content, and channel that maximize your business goals including revenue, average order value, follower growth, and more.